Hair Loss

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Hair Loss

The first step is diagnostics:

When you come in for hair loss concerns, you will first fill out a questionnaire about lifestyle patterns, genetics, and environmental risk factors.

Then we will take a hair microscopy - which means we take a microscope to your scalp to assess your scalp health

The next step is to extract some hair out of your head for hair mineral testing. This helps determine dietary, stress, environmental factors, as well as any heavy metals that might be impacting your hair.

TrichoTest determines 48 genetic variations that contribute to hair loss and helps determine the best uniquely customized treatment plans and medications that can be most successful based on that patient's genetics.

Treatments can include:

-Shampoos/Hair care

-Medicated hair formulations and solutions



-Laser therapies

-Microneedling (with and without PRP and Exom)

-Dietary/nutritional/gut health recommendations