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Just two sisters a Nurse practitioner and Doctor of physical therapy helping you navigate the abundance of health/wellness information out there! We aim to bridge the gap between the holistic and the scientific when it comes to women's health issues. We believe knowledge is power , but applied knowledge is where the magic lies. We aim to provide you with the tools you need to implement lasting changes in your life and live your best life yet.

#56 Sleep smarter for optimal health with Kelly Anderson

Most of us understand that sleep is not a luxury; it’s essential to one’s physical and mental health, quality of life, and safety. But too few of us are getting the recommended number of hours of sleep — and their benefits. In this episode, i discuss the importance of sleep with nurse practitioner Kelly Anderson
Topics of discussion
- Types of sleep disorders
- Sleep apnea types and why you need to get tested
- Insomnia
- Melatonin do we need it, is it safe and how much?
- Common sleep aides that are in fact not for sleep
- Caffeine and sleep, Including chocolate
- Establishing a sleep routine
- Restoring the circadian Rhythm
- Children in bed
- How hormones play a role!
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#51 Are your thyroid problems actually hashimotos?

in this episode, I discuss the thyroid and how thyroid diseases are commonly misdiagnosed and mistreated
- Common causes of thyroid disease
- Hypothyroid vs Hashimotos
- 3 pillars of autoimmunity
- How Hashimoto's is different
- What is proper thyroid testing
- How nutrient deficiencies can influence the thyroid
- What nutrients to replace
- Diet changes to make and foods to avoid
- Managing inflammation and downregulating the immune system
- Why healing the gut matters
- The role of stress and cortisol and My favorite mushroom blends to heal
- Endocrine disruptors and how they influence the thyroid gland

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#49 Busting Nutrition and Diet Myths with Registered Dietician Erin Kenney

Erin Kenney, MS, RD, HCP, is a Registered Dietitian, Holistic Cannabis Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer and CEO of Nutrition Rewired, a Boston-based company providing nutrition counseling and meal planning to help individuals achieve optimal physical and mental health and wellbeing. She specializes in gastrointestinal issues, sports nutrition and mental health. Her passion stems from her own personal journey with gastrointestinal disorders and getting to the root cause through an integrated nutrition approach.
In this episode we discuss
- The gut brain connection
- Calories in Vs calories out? Is its good advice?
- Intermittent fasting , should women do it?
- Greens powders are they needed?
- Which protein powders are best
- Eating to fuel your body
- Food combining, what is it and do we need it?
- Bloating, is it normal?
-The importance of mental health when it comes to overall health
-Do we need to detox regularly?
-How to support the liver with food
-Food sensitivity testing, do we need it?
-Why Acid blockers are bad for our health -Disordered eating
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#47 A discussion on women health with Double board certified Nurse Practitioner Carmen Stansbery

In this episode I sit down to interview Carmen Stansbery who is a Womens health and Family Nurse Practitioner. With a background in OBGYN and speciality now in women's health and hormone therapy she has a dynamic view on healthcare. In this conversation we discuss;
- Birth control vs Natural Approaches
- Western Vs Eastern medicine approaches
- The importance of Metabolic health
- Why not having a cycle can be dangerous
- Lifestlye and how it effects our cycles
- What is infertility?
- What are some leading causes of infertility?
- When to get hormones tested?
- Imprortance of thyroid and the health of our cycles
- How endocrine Discrupting chemicals effect our cycels

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Endocrine society’s position statement on EDCs

#45 Fertility awareness method: A natural way to track your cycle and predict ovulation

Are you curious about other natural forms of avoiding pregnancy besides birth control? Or maybe you are wanting to get off birth control so see what your body can do naturally , or better yet you ARE trying to get pregnant. Well this is the episode for you!
In this episode we introduce the fertility awareness method !

Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) is method or set of practices to help you determine when you are most likely to get pregnant (the fertile window) so that you can either avoid sexual activity or use barrier methods during that time to avoid pregnancy.

FAM may predict the fertile window from several different practices. In this episode I discuss

✨How to track your cycle and understand where you are in your cycle (the starting point)

✨The fertile days

✨Undertaning your cervical mucus

✨LH strips and testing

✨Basal body temperature tracking

✨What abnormal cervical mucus looks like
This is an introduction to This method! Of corse of cycles are not balanced then it will be hard to use it! Go back and listen to previous episodes regarding your cycle and how to optimize!

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#43 Hair loss, what's the root cause and how do we address it?!

Do you struggle with increased hair thinning , shedding or just straight up hair loss. Then this one is for you. There are a lot of reasons hair loss can occur . In this episode we discuss hair loss in relationship to hormone and nutritional imbalances other known as telogen effluvium .
Topics of discussion
- Thyroid imbalances and hair loss
- When testosterone goes wrong
- Lack of progesterone
-Estrogen dominance
- Stress and hair loss
- Leaky gut and hair loss
- Nutrients needed
- Inflammation and how we can beat it

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CBD- favorite is the stress and sleep gummies

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#40 Irregular cycles, common causes and why seed cycling may help

Do you suffer from heavy, long, frequent or painful cycles. Let me tell you, your cycles should never make you miss work or self isolate. This is not normal.
A lot of what I see with imbalances hormones' is relates to toxin overload and nutritional imbalances. To start with the basics we must remove toxins, which is why I created my foundational course.

Nutritional deficiencies are also key as we need key nutrients and minerals to complete specific process in our body including eliminating estrogen and aiding in the process of estrogen detoxification
That's where seed cycling comes in. In this episode i discuss
- Quick overview of phases of cycle, see also our episodes on owning your cycle
- Follicular phase seed including flax and pumpkin
- Luteal Phase including Sesame and sunflower
- How to use seeds
- Who may want to try and why

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#38 Breast cancer awareness with Breast specialist Dr. Christa Jillard- Ilić

In honor of breast cancer awareness month we have a very special guest Dr Christa Jillard-Ilić to talk all about breast cancer screening and prevention.
After completing her general surgery residency as MUSC, Christa went on to complete a fellowship at Duke university in Endocrine and breast surgery .

She is active with the American Society of Breast Surgeons and the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons. She also has received the Hidden Scar Certificate of Training from Invuity, a surgical device manufacturer, making her the first surgeon in Savannah to perform this advanced approach to breast cancer surgery that hides scars.

Dr. Jillard- Ilić helped to found the High Risk Breast Cancer Clinic which is the only one of its kind in the Lowcountry and Coastal Empire. Dr. Jillard’s aspirations for the clinic are to fill a void in the community with respect to that area of women’s health.

Dr. Christa Jillard- Ilić cares passionately about women’s health, and her focus has been on increasing awareness and staying up to date on the changes in breast cancer treatment and screening

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, according to the American Cancer Society, and thyroid cancer affects women in greatly disproportionate numbers. According to ACS, more than 70 percent of the 56,000 new cases of thyroid cancer that will be diagnosed in the United States in 2017 will be found in women.
We hope you love this episode.!


# 19 Protect and care for your skin- With DR. Kingslea Dukes- DNP,FNP,CANS

Its skin cancer and melanoma awareness month. The health of our skin is so important! It is after all our largest organ. Kingslea is a board certified nurse practitioner and Certified Aesthetic nurse specialist. She has spent years specializing in dermatology, dermatologic surgery , skin lesions, acne, rosacea, skincare and now aesthetics.
Topics of discussion

- Difference between Melanoma vs Basal cell and Squamous cell carcinoma

- How to recognize changes in your skin

- Common places for skin lesions to pop up

- Difference between physical vs chemical sunscreen

- Whats a good vitamin C and why is it important

- Difference between physical vs chemical exfoliants

- A simplistic skincare routine we all should be following

- The antiaging trio

- Some of Kingsleas favorite products
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#16 All about Hashimotos Thyroiditis with Diana Williams

Diana williams is the Founder of Strategic Wellness Center and Strategic Med Spa. She is a board certified Nurse practitioner by the AANP, and also Board Certified in Functional Medicine by the Institute of Functional Medicine.
In this episode we discuss all about the thyroid and in particular Hashimotos Thyroiditis.
- What is the thyroid Gland
- Hypothyroidism
- What is Hashimotos and how is it different ?
- The prevalence of autoimmunity
- Triggers to autoimmunity and hashimotos
- How its treated differently
- Diet changes
- Managing stress
- What to look for when getting tested?

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#14 Mini episode with Erin : Estrogen Dominance, Xenoestrogens, heavy cycles, detoxification of hormones

In this epsiode we talk all about Estrogen dominance or too much estrogen . If you are experiencing any of the following this episode is for you!

- Painful cycles

- Heavy cycles

- Breast tenderness

- Bloating

- Weight gain

- Water retention

- Headaches

- Mood swings
There are many things that can be done about excess estrogen including removing Xenoestrogens which i talk about it the episode, Healing the gut to aide in detoxification and Balancing essential vitamins and nutrients to help the body communicate better.

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#9 Its not me its my hormones~ With Dr Angela Derosa

Today’s guest is Dr Angela Derosa. Dr. Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE, is a dynamic professional on a mission to change the face of Women’s Health and Wellness. As a respected, internationally recognized authority on women’s hormonal health, Dr. DeRosa understands the range of health issues women face leading up to and during menopause. Dr. DeRosa has more than 20 years’ experience in the medical field, both on the pharmaceutical side and in clinical practice. Topics of discussion: What are bio identical hormones?The safety and benefits of hormones?The difference between menopause and premenopause?Women going into menopause earlier?What is PCOS?When to get tested?Dr. DeRosa’s enthusiasm for educating patients and physicians on the realities of menopause and the risk factors of hormonal imbalances is the driving force behind her first book, How Your Doctor Is Slowly Killing You: A Woman’s Health Survival Guide. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is now the founder of the Hormone Health Institute where she helps educate other physicians and providers on hormone health . Connect with her: Medical professionals: All to learn about hormones Struggling with hormone imbalance symptoms? Start with the basics of proper detoxification of hormones utilizing healthy nutrients. Link below!,11751433557:1,11924983701:1&giftcard=Erinlynnewellness