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Revive Wellness

Hormone Replacement Therapy & Integrative Medicine Clinic located in Bluffton, SC

About Revive Wellness

Revive Wellness is a premier hormone replacement therapy and wellness practice led by Erin Gagne, FNP, in Bluffton, South Carolina. Affiliated with the Hormonal Health Institute, the practice’s providers care for adults of all ages in a welcoming atmosphere. Their background and extensive training set them light years ahead of the pack.

Established by Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE, the Hormonal Health Institute helps physicians and nurse practitioners use effective therapies to balance hormone levels and improve the overall health of patients. Like-minded clinicians use the Hormonal Health Institute to support Dr. DeRosa’s mission and find the resources they need to provide exceptional patient care.

The Revive Wellness specialists have decades of experience in research, training, and developing protocols that give patients the best outcomes possible. They understand that a hormone imbalance is a serious health concern that can affect individuals of all ages and severely impact their quality of life. Consequently, Revive Wellness partners with Belmar Pharmacy, a national compounding pharmacy with the best reputation in the country.

Revive Wellness offers aesthetic treatments in addition to hormone replacement therapy. Patients can access Botox®, dermal fillers, hair loss treatments, nutrition plans, and medical weight loss solutions. The practice offers hormone therapy for both men and women, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, and thyroid health therapies.

The Revive Wellness specialists take an integrative, functional medicine, multi-system approach that caters to patients’ physical, nutritional, hormonal, physical, mental, and spiritual health. The practice offers cancer screening, medications for weight loss, supplements, dietary programs, and fat-burning injections.

Patients reap the benefits of a younger-looking appearance, more energy, improved sexual functioning, and a healthier body weight, as well as improved body composition and a lower risk of chronic diseases.

To experience the benefits of hormone replacement therapy and wellness solutions at Revive Wellness, call the office or use the online booking tool today.

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Patient reviews

Such an upbeat positive experience!

Sheryl W. | Jun 04, 2023

Erin is so great to work with - she has changed my life. I sleep through the night. I have energy during the day. I actually have my “old” personality back!

Marcellene T. | May 26, 2023

Mrs. Erin makes you feel heard!!

Bellah H. | May 20, 2023

Erin is awesome, explains everything, easy to talk with and listens to what issues you are having

Paul A. | May 18, 2023

Great experience as always! Highly recommend!

David F. | May 17, 2023

Always a wonderful experience

Heather Anne L. | May 05, 2023

Our Financial Policy

Many new and prospective patients have asked why we cannot bill insurance directly when some other medical providers do. We fully understand the financial challenge this presents to some patients, and wish there were a way for us to bill patients’ insurance companies without compromising the care we provide.
When medical practices bill health insurance companies directly, the providers are required to become participating providers. The doctors must sign a contract that allows the insurance company to determine which services they will and will not provide and how much they can charge for those services. In general, insurance companies do not focus on preventive or wellness services. They invest heavily in the conventional model of health care that too often relies on drugs, outdated medical care, and surgeries. As providers who specialized in functional and hormonal medicine, I am firmly committed to the prevention, wellness, and natural solutions to health problems. My goal is to address the underlying causes of your symptoms with specific nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, bio-identical hormones, and other holistic therapies — interventions that are generally not reimbursed by insurance companies.
Also participating provider’s office overhead costs have to increase dramatically because of the staff, time, and equipment necessary for processing and tracking insurance claims. Most doctors and clinics cope with the requirements of being participating providers by keeping their office visits very brief so that they can see many patients within a given time frame. 
In order to take the proper time to assess your medical needs and provide the care you deserve, we cannot participate in insurance plans. However, in some instances, you may be able to utilize your health insurance benefits for things such as laboratory blood testing. Our team can assist you in this regard.